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No-Blowout Extra Large Retractable Screen 136-MZT

Wind Resistant Screens - Won't Pull Out Of Tracks!

Bravo's 136 MZT retractable solar screens are the ideal product to control the sun's heat, damaging rays and annoying glare AND providing complete insect protection. It will protect your home furnishings from fading and will also reduce your air conditioning and cooling expenses by as much as 60% !

 Bravo's Zip T ®  Retractable System is a manual operated or power screen that is designed with a unique end retention zipper that ensures your screen will provide the optimal wind resistance and maintain it Operability. Our patent built -in dampening system allows for flexing pf your screen under wind pressure, but ensures that the screen will not blow out because it is anchored securely in the rails. Bravo's Zip T Retractable System will keep your screen firmly in the rails, regardless of the position- fully closed, fully opened and any position in between. The lateral end retention created with a zipper prevents blow out under high wind condition.

Our 136 MZT  system are available in manual operation or motorized (power screen) options. It is perfect for all those large opening areas. A power screen is ideal for wide or tall applications in which manual operation is cumbersome and takes a little more time. With a power screen, within seconds your screen is opened or closed and secure. Perfect as a manual or motorized garage screen, patio or porch screens or really any application!

Available in a wide variety of  mesh fabrics and solar screen fabrics with different levels of thermal and visual specifications.

This is the VERY best product available for all your large retractable screening needs and guaranteed not to blow out at all with wind speeds up to 80MPH! These power screens has the ultimate retention system in the world.

Max sizes 240'W x 192" H

For the best pricing on our 136 MZT screen system, please call us toll free 1-800-446-1626

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