System 41 retractable double door screen kit can be used on the same door measurements as the M36. The difference between the M36 and M41 is that the M36 is a streamline profile with smaller frame. The M41 is a Low Profile System with larger extrusions. This creates a sturdier more durable frame that will stand up to high traffic and more rigorous and frequent use. It is ideal for residential or commercial use in offices, restaurants and other businesses.

M41 retractable double door kits comes complete and does not require addition materials or items to be purchased.M41 has a durable fiberglass mesh screen that will protect against 100% of insects and bugs. It can be mounted on inswing or outswing doors of any make or style. The retractable screen doors can be mounted as an inside or surface mount on the frame. 

The M41 is a double cassette retractable screen door kit.The aluminum frame are available in an assortment of colors to blend with your door frame seamlessly.

This retractable door screen kit will fit double doors from 58" to 72"  wide and up to 84" H .

This is ideal for very heavy usage and for double doors screen and as retractable French door screens.

M41 Retractable Double Door Screen Kit Components:

2 Screen Cassettes

Spring Assemblies


Top and Bottom Tracks

Magnetic Latch

Mounting Clips

All Required Screws


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Ultra Slide Retractable Screen Door System 41 is the ultimate screen kit.The unique features of the Ultra Slide screen is that it can opened and left in any position from fully opened to close. The other retractable screens when opened will slower retract back into their cassette housing. The Ultra Slide is a smoother gliding system that moves cleanly and quietly along the tracks.

The Ultra Slide M41 system has a durable fiberglass mesh that will keep 100% of the bugs and insects out and allow fresh air in. It can be mounted on inswing or outswing doors and it can be mounted as an inside or surface mount on the door frame.

Ideal for wider single doors, patio doors, sliding doors, folding bi-fold doors, French doors and gazebos.

The M41 retractable screen door kit will fit from 48" to 60" W and up to 86" H


Retractable porch screens, French doors, wider single doors, patio doors, sliding doors, folding bi-fold doors, gazebos and more.

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 Retractable screens are a popular choice for screening your windows and doors. Retractable screens are available in ready to install, manufactured to size or in a DIY assembly kit. The kits allow you to save some money, but do require a little extra time to assembly your kit to size. The ready to install and DIY kits are all custom made and have the same components.

All our retractable screen doors have our patented hydraulic clutch system that allows your screen to retract back smoothly to close with no slamming. Many of our competitors cannot say this and that is why we have replaced many of those screens. Seeing is truly believing. The screen fabric prevents 100% of the insects and bugs from entering into your home, business or living space. While keeping bugs and insects out, our screens allow free flowing air to circulate through. The mesh is tightly woven yet allows for 100% visibility or 'see thru' ability.

Our ready to install and kit form screens will retract back into their protective cassette so they are out of sight and out of the way when not in use. Bravo screens are 'disappearing screens' meaning they disappear when not in use.This feature protects your screen and increases it longevity as it will not as easily breakdown from exposure to weather elements or become damaged. 

Both ready to install and kit forms have a variety of color for your aluminum frame, to allow your screen to blend seamlessly in with the window or door frame or complement the building. 
With both the ready to install and kit forms having the same benefits, all you have to do is select which type you want!