French doors are a beautiful addition to any indoor/outdoor entertaining area. One of their biggest drawbacks while in use is their difficulty in keeping pesky insects and other annoying bugs out. Most of the time, a traditional screen door is not an option. The reason is that these doors are notoriously difficult to screen due to the way that they open. The two doors either open outwards or inwards from the center.

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These Retractable screen doors are an elegant and stylish addition to any home or office. How do you capitalize on their advantages while overcoming their drawbacks. Two of their biggest drawbacks: the difficulties in keeping pesky bugs and annoying insects out and trying to maintain an unobstructed view. The ideal solution is Bravo Retractable French Door Screens.

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Super Glide screen is designed to come from one side only it can work on opeings from 36" to 100" Wide x 195" Height.

This system give you full clear views of the out side as there are No bars in the middle.while stopping those pest bugs.


This system can be adjusted that when you open it only opens half way to go in & out, when not needed you can push the screen all the way out of the way.

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Add Style and Elegance to Your Living Space With a French Doors Screen

At Bravo, we want to enhance your home and highlight your business or any other living space. Our products allow you to open up your space while simultaneously bringing fresh air in, maintaining your views and accenting your space.

Bravo screens doors and windows are custom manufactured according to your specifications, so you can be sure of a perfect fit every time. The aluminum frames on our screen doors are available in a variety of colours to ensure that it will blend discreetly into your  frame and appear as though it is part of the door or window. Retractable door screens and window screens will easily and conveniently roll back or retract away out of sight when not in use. This means that your screen door is protected from damaged or harsh weather conditions. The retracting feature of our doors means that easy access for maintenance and cleaning of your doors and windows is possible. 

Bravo retractable products are specifically designed to be highly functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. Functionally, our screen doors will  protect you, your family & friends from any annoying bugs, insects and flying debris that like to gather around you when your doors and windows are open. Our screens also allow for a continuous flow of fresh air, to ensure that your home or living space remains cool and comfortable, especially during summer months.

Bravo retractable doors have special mesh fabric available with a UV protection or coating that reduces the sun's glare and filters out harmful UV radiation. Aesthetically, our products are designed to blend seamlessly into the background, when in use and out of the way when not being used. 
The mesh fabric choices for our screen doors and windows provide great visibility and make them appear almost invisible when viewing through them. As mentioned earlier, our solar mesh fabric option works reduce entrance of UV light and to protect your furniture, hardwoods and carpeting from fading. Our screen doors and windows are available with manual or motorized options for easy and quick opening and closing.

Bravo products have many applications from windows, single and double doors, garages, patios and porches to large openings and so many other uses. Our retracting door screens allow you to open up your patio for easy access to picnic and barbeque areas in the summer. 

At Bravo, we are proud of the products and services that we provide for our customers. Our own staff have the products installed and in use in their own homes, that tells you how much we believe in the quality and integrity of Bravo products. But do not just take our word, see for yourself. Call us today and see how we can help you 1-800-446-1626. See the Bravo difference.

Outdoor Living Made Functional and Practical

With a French doors screen installed on your property, you not only can extend the amount of space you now have available to you; but you can make practical use of it too. What was previously dead space, can be made functional once more for a variety of uses:

•    Create extended working space for staff and clients to gather, meet and work outdoors on a gorgeous summer day, instead of huddling in a closed stuffy conference room!

•    Invite more guests to your party, and make use of previously confined space to host them in style and comfort

•    Prevent pesky bugs, pollen and air pollution from spoiling a fun birthday or anniversary party outdoors

•    Create a cozy study or hobby-room outdoors, and indulge in your passion for reading or arts and crafts, undisturbed by the harsh outdoor environment

In fact, with the right French doors screen to compliment the living space extension, the sky is the limit to what you can use previously unclaimed space for. From business use to residential and commercial applications, Brave Screens makes extending the indoors into the outdoors functional and practical. Best of all, our screening solutions are extremely easy to install and cost-effective to maintain.