Retractable Screen M-36

Width(in): Height(in):


  • Installation are done from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday only.

  • Mounting:
  • (Inside )- means the screen is mounted on the inside of the frame or recess.
  • (Surface)- means the screen is mounted on the face of the frame.

  • Options:
  • MAC (Measure and Cut) You will have to do the Final Cutting to make it Fit.
  • RTI (Ready To Install) it is Fully Finished & Assembled to the sizes you have entered less 1/16 of inch.

  • Pull_Bar:
  • Standard Bar & Plastic Handles
  • Heavy Duty & Metal Handles

  • Slide_lock_Kit:
  • Slide Lock kit allows you to lock the screen from inside.

  • Thrushhold_Riser:
  • ADA Compliant

  • Colours:

    Product Description

     M36 System Measurements: 50" (max) W by 184" (max) H

    One of the best ways to enjoy your beautiful views with open windows and doors are with custom retractable screen doors and windows.  The one of ideal features of this product is that they do not distract from your views because they disappear into the natural recesses of the frame thus, they appearing virtually invisible. Enjoying the beautiful views from your home or office is a must and with our custom screen doors that goal is attainable. They are a great solution to solve many of your screening dilemmas.

    The M-36 system is our ultra Slim Designed Retractable  Door Screen, which is barely even noticeable to the eye. The maximum width that this model can be used in is 55". The housing is 1.36" x 1.64" in diameter. This product opens and closes smoothly and glides effortlessly. It is lightweight and yet sturdy to the touch, a perfect combination.

    Bravo retractable screen door can be mounted as in-swing or out-swing for any make or style of door. Bravo retractable screens can also be mounted inside or on the surface of the frames. 

    There are 2 options for door mesh choices:  insect screen mesh or insect solar insect mesh. The fiberglass insect mesh has a specially formulated vinyl coating to endure lasting color and flexibility. Our screen door mesh is stiffer and stronger than the standard fiberglass mesh.The solar insect mesh is a dual purpose fabric that offers the ultimate in insect protection while at the same time stops up to 65% of the sun's heat and glare! Our  door meshes are small enough to keep out the tiniest of insects, thus keeping you protected. You can choose from Standard Insect Fabric or Insect solar screen fabric.



    There are many reasons you'll want to invest in  retractable screen doors from its usefulness, convenience to its practicality and simplicity. Regardless of what climate you live in, retractable door screens will always provide a sound function.


    The construction of the M-36 allows the optimal natural air flow and ventilation.

    Allows Natural Lighting: 

    Opens up your home to the outside world. Your doors can be open thereby allowing more natural light into your house.

    Added Security:

    Provides a protective barrier between your home and the outside world.

    Pests Control:

    Probably the most important function of these retractable screen doors is that while they allow perfect ventilation, they also keep out those pesky insects, flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs.


    Bravo retractable screens come in a variety of colors and real wood veneers to match your decor. In addition, you can choose from different mesh options from pet, insect or solar insect fabrics.

    Minimal to No Maintenance:

    All Bravo products required little to no maintenance. 

    For more pictures see the Gallery

    How to Measure

    Install Guide


    1. Use a steel measuring tape & Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch - don't round your measurements.

    2. Reversing width and height when measuring. Width is the side-to-side measurement. Height is the top-to-bottom measurement. The width is always given before the height of the Door or window. For example, an order 48 x 72 would be manufactured 48 inches wide by 72 inches high. To avoid confusion, as you measure put a W next to width measurement and an H by the height measurement.

    3. Not checking the measurements in three places on both the width and height of the door or window will cause in the wrong size. Use a ladder or stool to reach the top of high windows. Many windows are not square, so the width should be measured at the top, in the middle and at the bottom. Also check the height of the window in the middle and at both sides. When placing your order use the smallest size of the three measurements.

    4. Not allowing for obstructions that will hamper the operation of the blind. The most common obstructions are inside the window frame are window cranks and handles. We can provide fold down window cranks for most windows.

    Ordering from someone else. has the right products for you. Inside measurement is always on the Inside of the Frame. Outside measurement is always from outside of Moulding to outside of Moulding.

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    Free Sample
    Group: 1 - 18x16-48 Standard Insect Screen - 1378
    Free Sample
    Group: 2 - 20x30 Solar Insect Mesh - 1379